The CrunchPad Case Study


Here is a look at our case study on the crunchpad story back in December 2009. The news had just broke out and we were following it closely. We decided to use it a s a case study for our “Entrepreneur Marketing” module.

(*Note – The crunchpad is now called the joojoo)

6 responses to “The CrunchPad Case Study

  1. mig33 chairman joins Loopt, joojoo-TechCrunch legal faceoff, Singapore Startups in China

  2. TechCrunch Updates us on the lawsuit and the conspiracy by Fusion Garage – "After nearly a year of discovery it became clear that Fusion Garage, conspiring (there’s just no other word for it) with their PR firm McGrath Power, had been working for months to dramatically break the partnership, disregard our ownership of the project, and go to market without us."

  3. Fusion Garage Talks Back (via e27) – "Arrington is clearly in a desperate position, having seen the large part of TechCrunch’s initial suit dismissed by the Court. The amended complaint is merely more of the same, sensationalized by cutting and pasting email communications to fit within Arrington’s prose. Fusion Garage remains very confident in its legal position with TechCrunch – even more so after completing depositions of key players from TechCrunch over the past weeks that have not yet been considered by the court. Fusion Garage believes when these depositions become part of the legal record, additional context will be provided that will ultimately enable the company to emerge victorious."

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