iPad VGA Adapter



Got my iPad VGA adaptor and put it through some tests today. While I doubt there is nothing more I could add, but repeat and echo some of the sentiments already circulating on the net.

Other Reviews

It works as described for keynote. Perfect. Now the afterthought of how to walk around with the iPad while presenting as the cable is dangling off one end?

For Videos, the output is great with the aspect ratio maintained. However, one cannot play iTunes purchased videos, music videos, movies, tv shows as it pops up the error that it is able to play authorised media. I wonder if the iPod Component kit will be able to play the protected videos? Youtube works fine.



Photos project only with the slideshow function. It is only able to use the “Dissolve” transition, no origami transition here.



Two interesting apps with VGA output were Mocha VNC Lite and Molecules. VNC displayed a mirror of what the iPad displayed. With molecules, there looked like there was the icon for external display, but when pressed, the molecule display disappeared and there was nothing shown on the external monitor.

None of the games I have were able to display through the VGA adapter. Safari or Mail did not cause the external monitor to twitch either. 

Whilst the potential of using the iPad for presentations, practical things seem not to have been clearly thought off. One has to make do with the limitations, which sometimes, is the unfortunate joy of being an apple first-mover. I guess I’ll continue to make my first iPad only presentation. The learning curve is there, but I feel it is worth to overcome.

p.s. yes i tried to plug the iPad VGA adaptor into my iPhone and this appeared. Obviously.



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  1. Expedition App: Projecting the web on an iPadhttp://cit.duke.edu/blog/2010/07/22/expedition-app-projecting-the-web-on-an-ipad/

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