Your Customers

Today, I stumbled upon three articles related to how you or your company should view customers. In fact, they are also stakeholders in your success and should be factored in, even empowered. Your relationship with them is a very intangible outcome of a good business relationship, but adds to the success of many companies.

Have a read of these three articles.

Train your customers by Seth Godin
Yes, you can train them. By rewarding some behaviors over others, by keeping some promises not others, by having some expectations instead of others, you get the audience you deserve.

The process of selling a business is a long journey that typically starts with courting a number of potential buyers.

Even if you’re not in the customer service business, there’s one clear way to please your customers: act like serving them is your first priority. 

What other ways have you leveraged your customers in your business and dealings? Share some of them with us…

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