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What do people like Seth Godin, Dan Roam, Peter Senge and Guy Kawasaki have in common? They  have all published manifestos through ChangeThis, a democratic e-publishing site that helps spread great ideas and thoughts. My proposal to ChangeThis is now up for votes and I hope to be able to get a chance to write on my topic below.

Getting on board your Entrepreneur-Ship

An analogy and guide for those embarking on a journey on the high seas of business. 

Entrepreneurship is a process of innovation & creativity through commercialization for the purpose of self interest & adding value to society. This definition of entrepreneurship fails to fully illustrate the difficulties and demands of the process. In this guide, the analogy of ships and going on a journey in an Entrepreneur-Ship is used. 

For those who are considering to have an Entrepreneur-Ship, it is a good insight to what to expect. For those on their own Entrepreneur-Ships, be encouraged and know that what you are experiencing is very normal for entrepreneurs. For the old salts, this guide may help to frame your own experiences and spark an interest to share your own journey onboard the SS Entrepreneur-Ship.

Voting will end in a month’s time (Oct 22, 2010). Yes, you will have to create an account in order to vote. Thanks in advance and deeply appreciate your vote.


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