IEW 2010 Review

In the second year of its running, the annual Innovation and Enterprise Week (IEW) was held at Biopolis, home to Exploit Technologies, the commercialisation arm of A*STAR. With similar tones and agenda as the previous year, the IEW showcased local technologies which have been taken up by companies. The event also saw several interesting talks by speakers involved in the technology transfer space, including Scientists, Business Founders, Engineers, Venture Capitalists, Mentors, IP Practitioners and others.

Here we recap some of the talks and highlights of the week;

1) Greg Horowitt from Global Connect


2) John McCulloch from MaRS


3) Jose Luis Herce-Vigil from WIPO

A very enlightening talk which we can’t really share, but if you do get a chance to hear him talk… don’t miss it!

4) Tom Hockaday from Isis Innovations


5) William Lim from Old Chang Kee


6) Alex Thien from AITBiotech


7) Theodore Tan from SGMD


8) Brinda Wiita from Johnson & Johnson


9) T3M Graduation Ceremony

This ceremony saw the graduation of the first batch of Technology Transfer Specialists. Yup, and I am one of them. Our achievements are embodied in a homemade professional certificate!


Check out our Graduation video –

10) IEW 2010 Dinner

The Gala Dinner was held in an atmospheric setting; representing the "who’s who" (innovation network) of top entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, key people from the various corporate offices, and research institutes. Held at Marriott hotel, I had the chance to attend as I was the MC for the event. We had the Music Lab Jazz Quartert etertaining us during the night and they played really well. Most interestingly, the Saxophonist, Corey Manders is a researcher from I2R.


Everything was rather predictable during this IEW. If they intend to keep this event going, they must learn to innovate themselves.

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