A*STAR Scientific Conference 2010

Put together a bunch of scientist and you get a conference. However, the recent A*STAR scientific conference put together a bunch of scientist who were quite on the edge of science and research.
You just wished more scientist attended the talks as only it seemed that there were more individuals from the biological side attending. It would have been great to see other experts in the field of communications, chemistry or even disk drive industry appear to see how science is becoming more digital. Also covered were the aspects of innovation and elements of technology transfer.
Green technology also took half a day where several important issues about the green energy research and environmental impacts was covered.


The most interesting talks were that of Hiroaki Kitano and Peter Bentley. Both of them infused new ideas and showed the boundaries of science was being pushed as well as new frontiers were being established. Its was exciting to see a scientist with a couple of iPhone apps (iStethoscope & iPathways).
Peter’s idea that scientist need to communicate their work resonated deeply within me. Most scientist create beautiful things, but sometimes, it just remains in the lab or worse still, in their minds. Scientists should be allowed a platform to share their inventions, ideas and interests without the need for regulatory restrictions.
I hope that the standard of this scientific conference would be maintained and open to a wider public audience. It should merge together with other science outreach like, working with the Singapore Science centre to make a Scientist Festival or something which would cater to the adults.


One response to “A*STAR Scientific Conference 2010

  1. The conference report on A*STAR websitehttp://www.research.a-star.edu.sg/feature-and-innovation/6259

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