Design Thinking Symposium 2010



With Tim Brown’s talk kicking off the idea of design thinking in areas outside of products design, etc, the Design Thinking Symposium really showcased how design thinking was making head waves in private & public organisations. 

The program line-up quite a good mix of practioners, clients and thinkers of design thinking. It would have been nice to have a design critic up to help show us the lens of the non-believers, but that might be a bit of a cold water on a hot topic.

One thing was missing was a graphic recorder/facilitator. Interestingly, some people (including myself) made some sketches and were sharing it online.
(Note:-Cheryl Drew some nice ones here;

So here’s a few of the “nicer” drawings on the talks which really struck me.

 Leveraging The Value of Design For Business Performance by Chuck Pelly & Joan Gregor, The Design Academy, USA


 Building Design Thinking Capabilities in Organisations by Alex Kazaks, McKinsey & Company


 Design Thinking Transformation in the Asian Context by Younghee Jung, Nokia



Creating the Right Conditions to Practise Design THinking in Your Organisation by Jerome Goh, IDEO Shanghai



OCBC’s Learning Journey by David McQuillen



Ministry of Manpower’s Learning Journey by Penny Han



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