The Developing World Talk by Fredrik Haren

A week ago, Fredik Härén from, also the author of the idea book, came down to give a talk about his new book, The Developing World. In this book, he basically pushes the idea that the classification of developed & developing nations are archaic and leads to contentment in many developed countries. He sees the opportunities in developing nations and that the world should continue to push itself to continually develop. And that is where creativity will thrive. In Asia. 

I remember Fredrik from the idea book as I was watching him being interviewed on CNA in 2009. I was in Jakarta and thought that it would be cool to write him a mail to ask for a job. Unfortunately, I got turned down and the rest is history.

But history is not what the developing world is about. It encourages us, i.e. asia to take up the leadership in creativity, economy and technology. 



Well, if you don’t understand the notes, then watch the book trailer…

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