Plan Your Talks & How I will help you, the Scientist

Seriously, if Obama spends so much time preparing a speech in his busy schedule, we should to.

Many speeches by scientists and engineers are often very poorly rehearsed and the use of powerpoints make it even worse. I believe communication of technology needs to be increased.

There are two ways about this; Firstly, we can groom a whole new generation of scientific journalist who can be used to craft your message and story. There isn’t many of them in Singapore. I personally was about to take a masters in scientific communication, but realised the curriculum was very similar to the skill sets I already had. Anyway, I digress. Secondly, we can empower the scientist to communicate with precision, accuracy and impact that is both calculated and unique. Just like any scientific experiment. I hope to be able to build up the scientist to share his/her ideas in the most meaningful way.


Hence, I have decided to start by helping to consult on any presentation that is due to be delivered. I will offer to help craft your message and visuals. In return, you will learn some skills and tips for preparing your future presentations.

Feel to to enquire.


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