The Kitchen is the new Garage for Entrepreneurs


I love this article from Forbes. The kitchen is definately a space we have in Singapore and I believe a lot of Singaporeans and and would learn Science from their Kitchens. At the last biohack event, I learnt lots on how some locals are nuts over cooking, molecular gastronomy, etc. I’ve been trying hard to sell a cooking science show to the local science centre, but still no takers. The script is written up and the actors all waiting….

Kitchens may be replacing the proverbial startup garage.

In 2005 Johanna and Solomon Moriti of South Africa started Jo’M Cosmetics in their small kitchen with a small pocketbook. Only five years later Jo’M is taking South Africa’s retail market for black hair products by storm, replacing scalp-damaging hair softeners with butter from the indigenous shea nut. The prize-winning entrepreneur is getting ready to go global, starting in Europe.

In 2008, in the throes of Iceland’s epic economic meltdown, Lukka Palsdottir started the HaPP health caterer in Reykjavik from scratch—literally, scratching vegetables and grains in her kitchen to serve their first corporate customers. Today a lot is HaPPening as the company is an entrepreneurial hot spot in Iceland’s economic meltdown, with two dozen employees serving health up to Iceland’s corporations, schools, and households, and global ambitions are just around the corner.


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