What could you do with $100?


Do Something Entrepreneurial with $100 & Get a Chance to Fly to Another Country!

Anywinners (the competition) is a competition that explores the value of money and time. Borne out of a doodling session on a wall (which was really cleaned up later with whitewash), the skinny cow (our mascot) challenges individuals and teams to think outside the box and make things work. Anywinners the competition is intent to see how far $100 can go in various economies – and continues this by allowing any winners of any winners the competition to have another go in another country, and start again with the same amount of money. Of course, anywinners only flies the winners to the country (limited to two per team). Living expenses are really a matter of enterprise, but we will try helping out to get you cheap accommodation).

AnyWinners guarantees that you will get eyeballs on your spirit of enterprise (afterall, good or bad publicity is really still publicity) but does not guarantee that you actually are enterprising. If participants prove to be really enterprising, any winners will, of course, give you the ability to take your enterprise much further (the founders of anywinners and skinny cow are really very plugged into entrepreneurial initiatives, institutions and government bodies worldwide).

The Asian leg of our contest will start in Singapore (prove to us that there are enterprising people there!) and will move on through South East Asia and later to North Asia and then South Asia.

So yes, skinny cow says show me the MOO lah (in very Singaporean fashion!)

ANYWINNERS the Competition 2011

Launching on April 1, 2011. Registration will close on the first week of May 2011. The contest will be held over one week inJune 2011. Details will be released closer to the date. So sign up now!


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