Patent Law Update Session with Marks & Clerk Singapore


Last Friday, I attended the Marks & Clerk session for their clientele and other IHLs in Singapore. They updated us on the patent reforms of the EU, US and Australia/NZ. In essence, most of the reforms are upcoming and have not been instituted or ratified. However, the implications of the reforms are substantial and would change the way patenting is carried out, patenting strategy and cost.

The implications include;
  • New model of patent system in EU, Single application can cover 25/27 EU countries. This would make the new EU patent very valuable.

  • US is changing from the "first to invent" to "first to file". It would alter the criteria of the novelty standard and makes the speed to which one files very important

  • Australia and NZ would change examination criteria, updating itself to cover recent developments in ethical issues. A Single attorney framework would also help reduce cost in patenting in the trans-tasman market.

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