Fredrik Hären’s Idea Island


Wish you could have a paradise island all to yourself to sit and work on your ideas?
Well now you can: We have launched Ideas Island.

And best of all: It is free.

Ideas Island is an island in beautiful Coron, Palawan, Philippines that we lend (yes, for free!) to creative people who want to sit in an inspiring place to work on their ideas.
(All you pay is 50 USD per day for the whole island to cover some of the cost of the staff (a private island of 30 000 sqm usually costs from 5000 UDS and up!) (We do ask that you in some way support the local community of Coron.)

Don’t you just love it when something too good to be true turns out to actually be true?

Ideas Island is now in soft launch mode and we have started to accept creatives.So if you have a great idea you need to work on why don’t you do that from a paradise island?

Please feel free to tell your creative friends about Up to four people can there at the same time (so 12.50 USD per person!)


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