Planet Shark!

Planet Shark Exhibition at Singapore Science Center



I had the opportunity to walk around the Planet Shark exhibit at the Science Centre, Singapore recently. It has a really great display of sharks. The exhibit is a traveling exhibit and it is curated from Australia. 


The exhibit looks at the evolution of sharks, the showcase of current shark species and the conservation of sharks. Most importantly, a section of how man interacts with sharks are shown. From the media hype through Jaws the movie , to the sad destruction of shark populations in international waters by sharks fin trade.


I found the frozen tuna and shark display interesting. The large specimens of tuna and shark show how big the ocean can be. I was of course, thinking of some tuna sashimi afterwards.



I was also interested in the patents which were granted to the various methods of protecting humans against shark attacks. Some work, some don’t while others fools us.

Go check out the exhibit as it is on until 21 August 2011. Don’t forget to catch the Sharks 3D film.

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