IP Rumblings in Singapore – June 2011

What a week! There have been some recent announcements and noise in the IP community of Singapore. Here is a list of some new and interesting initiatives.

Dick Lee and Tay Kewei have been appointed as Singapore’s IP ambassadors. This is to help spread the importance of IP through celebrities. I am not sure if the local music scene will actually be affected by this. Have we also forgotten Hossan Leong’s IP rap?

This is a drive to standardise the skills and competencies of IP professionals and practitioners in Singapore. There will be 57 key competencies identified, 10 working commitees and 4 levels in an IP career. This will probably also help in the salary standardisation and exploitation of manpower in the industry. To help improve the skills of existing IP manpower, IPOS is teaming up with WDA to allow workers to gain recognition within the manpower classification. I believe this will help give clarity to an industry which has largely been unrecognised in Singapore and largely credited to the law industry. 

This new web platform seeks to help inventors with protected IP to place up their ideas and crowdsource the commercialisation success. It can also be a place to help get an idea protected with legal backing.



IPI is a portal for which it collects and showcase IP from Singapore and hopefully overseas IP. It also seeks to be the exchange and network point of contact for the major players in the IP community, technology transfer organisations and industry. This seems close to what the local Technology Transfer Network is doing. Is there an overlap? 

I guess as with evolution, some species die and new one takes over, based on the environmental conditions and survival skills of a species. The IP landscape in Singapore is growing and we will see some of these initiatives survive while others fade away. What still needs to be done is the commercialisation of the IPs which are generated. The old measures of innovation and scientific relevance have not helped shaped a true passion for science or innovation in Singapore. Less which is an environment ready for constant change and questioning to be refined.

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