Fun – That’s the ASEC way!



Had a really fun time working with these young and energetic kids from local polytechnics and high schools. They have such great energy and creativity which was just waiting to be unleashed and some unlocked their inner potential at the Asian Science Enterprise Challenge.

Over the last two days, we got a chance to impart our experiences and understanding of innovation, design thinking and creativity in entrepreneurship and technology. The regional challenge also helped the kids appreciate the global diversity and co-creating a future with their solutions.

And through it all, it was FUN. That would let them learn, experience and explore their own inner creativity and curiosity. Its alway a delight to see them come up to us and thanking us for the opportunity to participate in ASEC. It just makes you want to do more for these kids. 

For now, we will have the winners represent Singapore and China in the Global Enterprise Challenge 2011, which a regional hub will be hosted in Singapore by Science Centre Singapore.

Until ASEC 2012….. 

































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