Jane Goodall in Singapore | 29 June 2011


Ideas for a Better World Forum: Towards Sustainable Living in a Rapidly Urbanising World

We are living in a rapidly urbanising world. What strategies can we adopt today and how might we contribute towards a good future for generations to come? This Forum will draw on Dr Jane Goodall’s extensive research and experience to share lessons from around the world on how cities can develop in a sustainable manner.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Jane Goodall
Founder of Jane Goodall Institute; UN Messenger of Peace

Dr Goodall, founder of Jane Goodall Institute , has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare. She is appointed a United Nations Messenger of Peace for her work in protecting chimpanzees and their habitats, and her research at the Gombe Stream Research Centre in Tanzania. The Jane Goodall Institute has a multidisciplinary approach in linking projects in water, environmental sanitation, healthcare, sustainable livelihoods and education to conservation objectives. She has received many awards in science and is author of many books including the bestseller Reason for Hope. 

The SIF’s Ideas for a Better World Forum is a platform for global thought leaders to share, with an international audience, their ideas on areas such as health, education, environment, arts and culture, as well as livelihood and business. 

In facilitating these discussions, SIF hopes to encourage more interest in these focus areas and generate a lively discourse so ideas can be translated into action for a better world.


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