Finalist of the 2011 Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition Announced


After several months, the finalists of the Singapore Management University Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition have been announced.

They are;

1) Eco$ave-Navigating in the Sea of detergent
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, China
Eco$ave is a unique solution to educate consumers on rational detergent usage, ‘Just-A-Press’, ultimately solves one of the world’s most threatening issues of water pollution. Using MSA, a new, biodegradable acid ready for market, Eco$ave delivers powerful and eco-friendly properties to satisfy growing health and environmental concerns.

2) Headboy Industries Inc – DryBath Invention
University of Cape Town, South Africa
The plan describes DryBath, the world’s first & only bath-substituting lotion. It also outlines the very large target market that the product can cater while having a huge social impact.

3) Helios
Indiana University / Purdue University@ Fort Wayn, USA
Helios is a Photovoltaic-cell company with two innovative technologies.

4) Lobangz
National University of Singapore, Singapore is a web application that makes it easier for research companies to source, screen and match the human capital needed for the research studies. This platform target clinical and market research companies who rely on people to participate in their product testing, fieldwork surveys and focus group discussions.

5) Maluuba
University of Waterloo, USA
Maluuba is building a centralized, patentable natural user interface (NUI) system that will be adapted to the web and mobile markets. Our mobile application will provide users with the ability to intuitively access smart phone functionality, browse web products, or access local stores and services.

6) Waste to Watts
Duke University, USA
Waste to Watts LLC is a company with a mission to meet the energy dilemmas of the developing world. Our flagship product is the ENZI Interface, a low-cost.

The Final Round will be conducted on 25th August 2011. This is going to be exciting to see some international teams pitch on our home ground!

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