An Entrepreneur Tale from the Simpsons

“Screenshot from The Simpsons, Season 3 Episode 24 – Brother can you spare two dimes

This is an old episode from the Simpsons, but when I watched it again with the entrepreneurial eyes, it makes a lot of real references to the trials of the budding entrepreneur.

Homer’s half-brother Herb has been living as a bum since losing his car company because of Homer’s failure of designing a car. When he gets an idea for an invention that can make him rich again, he goes to Springfield and asks the Simpsons’ help to develop it, using award money that Homer received from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

We watch as Herb births an idea and draws inspiration from real world problems. It shows how the first funding is always from FFF (Friends, Family & Fools). Herb also works on his invention as tests it out. Even with the critics and poor aesthetics of the prototype, it is a hit with the public. You just never can tell.

Has your entrepreneur journey been similar?

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