Check Out Singapore Science Festival 2011


The Singapore Science Festival kicks off today with a variety of activities and edutainment. Collectively organised by the Singapore Science Centre and A*STAR, it helps to give local, everyday joes a taste of science and the sense of discover in the young. The theme is “Why Not?”, so arm you mental state and get engaged to questions the status quo!

Here are some events to check out;

X-Periment!, a three day science carnival held from 22-24 July at Suntec Convention Hall 401 from 11am – 9pm.  Aimed at bringing the latest innovations and experiments out of the labs to the masses, X-Periment! gives Singaporeans the opportunity to see, touch and experience science. This year’s festival brings together a record number of 23 exhibitors and partners from local research and tertiary institutes, with 13 from our own RIs!  These include BII, DSI, I2R, IBN, ICES, IHPC, IMRE, IMB, IME, IMCB, NMC, SIMTech and SIgN.  Admission is free so pass the word on to your friends and family to visit X-periment! over the weekend.

You will also get a chance to see Yarin Kimor aka Mr Creativity and the Jim Lenz Science Show.

An inaugural STAR Lecture will be delivered by renowned materials science expert and science communicator Professor Anthony Ryan from the University of Sheffield.  The STAR Lecture is a demonstration-filled lecture, delivered in an entertaining way to make science accessible and entertaining for audiences.  Titled: “6 Billion Years To Make 6 Billion People”, the lecture will touch on major challenges faced by mankind in the 21st century: how to provide sufficient energy and food, against the threat of increasing global climate change; how to find new ways to use solar energy more effectively, more extensively and more efficiently, through methods such as increasing plant and algal photosynthesis for food, fuel and other products, and the development of efficient, cheap devices to cleanly harness and store energy.

There are also things like a TV program called the National Science Challenge, a talk in influenza, an open house, etc…

Check out their website for more information

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