Cool! 1+1 Pill

Really like this concept!


Much aid is supplied to the third world. One of the most important items of aid is medicine. 1+1 Pill is a packaging design that provides a serving of clean water with which to take the dose of medicine.
People should access to clean water with which to take a dose of medicine.1+1 Pill contains a pill and a serving of water in a single sachet. The casing of the pill does not dissolve in water – only in saliva and gastric juices. The package is opaque on one side and transparent on the other in order to display the cleanliness of the water. 1+1 Pill aims to resolve the inconvenience of a lack of potable water when medicine is required.

Designed by Choj Sung Eun, Lee Jaehoon and Hong Kyong Soo

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