– Miniskirts and Molecular Gastronomy


Ferran Adria, the innovative chef who developed the idea of molecular gastronomy was recently featured on His words on what’s new or not….

And at a recent event moderated by formerNew York Times food critic Frank Bruni and part of the New York City Wine & Food Festival, which took place Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, Adria talked about the idea that started it all.

“A lot of people think that Mary Quant invented the miniskirt, but she didn’t—the Egyptians did,” Adria said. “In my opinion, it’s not important to do something first. It’s about seeing it and conceptualizing it, because everything exists already.”

He compared it to El Bulli’s use of hot jelly: “Until 1998 hot jelly hadn’t existed. But it had existed. You could find it in Chinese cuisine. They knew that agar agar could tolerate 90 degrees, but no one had actually conceptualized the hot jelly. We conceptualized it.”

Read the full article here

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