Hacking Medicine Conference at MIT Media Lab (via Medgadget)


The MIT Entrepreneurship Center is trying to spur the development of new ideas in medicine through a new effort called Hacking Medicine (H@ckMed).

Hacking Medicine’s purpose is to bring together the most excited and innovative thinkers in the Boston area and come out at the end withactionable projects and passionate teams.

Our inaugural conference will be held on October 22nd and 23rd at the Media Lab at MIT.
We’re capping participation at 100 people to ensure focus and a productive distribution of expertise. The body will be made up of engineers, students, physicians, and entrepreneurs.

The conference will be covering the following topics:

1. Big Data
We’re collecting massive data like never before – about patients, hospitals, treatments, and more. What are the best ways to extract meaningful information from this data? How can we best apply what we learn to make real changes?

2. Biosensing & Biostimulation
The technology that drives sensors has become cheap, crazy cheap. How can we best use these new sensors (which are sometimes also stimulation) to capture and record new kinds of data or design new tests to detect diagnose disease more accurately than ever before?

3. Healthcare Automation
Any practicing doctor will tell you how tedious and formulaic certain parts of practice can be. What parts of healthcare practice are least addressed by modern technology?

4. Synthetic Biology
This burgeoning field is enabling the programming of cells in unheard of ways. Yet there are still severe limitations in what’s possible. What are the best ways to utilize current techniques to make the biggest impact today?



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