Carl Zimmer’s Science Ink


Interesting book and review from Brainpickings of Carl Zimmer’s new book; Science Ink. It looks at the rebel scientists who underneath their white, sterile lab coats, sport tattoos of scientific importance. 

a weird and wonderful almanac of the lovable geek who immortalized passion for science on their living flesh. Zimmer divides the book into sections around each of the major sciences — math , chemistry, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, astronomy, and even an entire chapter on DNA — and uses each tattoo as a meditation pillow from whence to reflect on the science in question with his unmistakeable essay style of intelligent wit.

Check out some cool tats

I always thought of tattooing the meaning of life onto my head so that when shaven off, the answer will be revealed. Unfortunately, bald men can;t keep mush secrets on their head….



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