Music and Business Leadership by Miha Pogacnik


This was shared with me from the recent Presencing Global Forum 2011. 

Miha Pogacnik saw the potential of Art & Business long before anyone else and has worked in the field for more than 20 years. Today Miha Pogacnik uses his violin to decompose and play classical masterpieces when doing his presentations around the world as a business consultant among others with: ABN AMRO Bank, General Electric, J.P. Morgan, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, LEGO, Mitsubishi, Nike, Nokia, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Volvo, World Bank, World Economic Forum, and many more.

Miha is an accomplished violinist and he illustrates while he talks too.


A lot of good tidbits of information on business leadership understanding through music and orchestration in the videos available online.

“Grow the ears to hear the questions”

“The leader accompanies and support – that is servant leadership”


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