iPads – Revolutionalising Healthcare


A great article by Wired on Apple’s plan to get iPads into Healthcare, hence improving the delivery and standard of healthcare.

Hospitals aren’t speedy adopters of new computer technology, but the iPad has freed up doctors to read papers and look up information no matter where they are — at home, while traveling, or doing hospital rounds. That’s a big deal, says Iltifat Husain, an emergency medicine resident physician at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who edits a blog about mobile medical apps. “Initially hospital were saying, ‘no, you can’t bring the device,’” he says, “they were really discouraging their use. But if you look at it now, they realize that you can’t just keep pissing off the physicians.”

A true bottom up revolution in the works….

Read the full article here


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