The Power of a Shared Vision


For a recent pitching session I had to give, I decided to try a new tactic to sell my company’s intended product. I began to describe the vision I had for my company. The vision which included what we wanted to change, behaviors, cultures and paradigms. Afterwhich, I introduced my product as a possible ambassador for such a change. 

I felt that this approach was different from how many other technology startups may tend to pitch. Their pitch would usually include the product, the technology, why it is the best and how they want to make money. I went for vision, change agent, make some money and change the world. See the difference?

I’m glad to have been inspired by the works of Theory U by Otto Scharmer, Organisational Change by Edgar Schein and The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. They had increasingly emphasized the need for a shared vision to drive the new consumer, followers and supporters in an every increasing complex world. The idea eventually came together while watching sunset from the swimming pool at Tanah Lot in Bali. 

As Peter said about shared vision, “it’s the capacity to hold a share picture of the future we seek to create”. I believe I shared my picture which everyone can see themselves a part of. 

Exciting times ahead….

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