SSC Talk | Demystifying Stem Cells


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Science Centre Singapore

cordially invites you to

Science in the Café

on Thursday, 5 January 2012 at 7:00pm

to be held in

The Newton Room

Science Centre Singapore


Mr David Yeo

Imperial College London, UK

who will be presenting on


What You Need To Know!

Please see below for more information.

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Demystifying Stem Cells: What You Need To Know!

Common geriatric diseases such as Parkinson’s and Osteoarthritis occur because the body fails to replenish its degenerated parts. Stem cells (the master cells of our body) are central for this restoration, thus making their application to treat diseases extremely promising. Currently, the most common usage of stem cells in therapy is to re-populate chemotherapy-depleted bone marrow. Bone marrow stem cells though, are limited in their reproducibility and developmental potency.

Stem cells derived from early embryos do not have these drawbacks because they can multiply their numbers and become any adult cell type. In fact, therapeutics derived from embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are currently in the early stages of clinical trials in UK and the USA. Unsurprisingly, significant measures of both fear and hope surround the use of ESCs in the clinic. This talk will cover the major developments in the field, from the wonders of ‘induced pluripotency’ to the murky depths of stem-cell tourism. I intend to clarify what we can expect from stem cells and explain their controversies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mr David Yeo

… is an end-stage PhD candidate at Imperial College London. He is researching the manufacture of embryonic stem cells and their derivatives for clinical purposes. He aims to foster higher levels of public awareness on stem cells by clarifying misconceptions from fraudulent or exaggerated claims. He has presented to diverse audiences ranging from fellow scientists to biotechnology venture capitalists and the general public – winning several prizes for research excellence. During a recent 6000-strong event at the Natural History Museum, London, he was given a ‘soapbox’ to discuss “stem cells and their controversies” with the British public. Highlights from that session will be shared at this café. In his spare time, he practises Taichiquan and pursues stem-cell-related interests, such as presenting his research, public engagement activities and competing in business competitions.

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