Suggested Resolutions For Singapore in 2012


A interesting read from the voices of Singaporeans to Singapore on CNNGO

  1. Bring back chewing gum – DISGAREE!
  2. Lose the plan – True, but a plan is still needed, one that gives more space for citizen input and creativity.
  3. Hire service staff who can communicate effectively – AGREE!  
  4. Stop the banging – AGREE! The construction behind my home is driving me nuts and causing me to have less sleep. 
  5. Don’t forget to care and share – AGREE!
  6. Cut the crowds – AGREE!
  7. Keep online open and free – Empower the internet users to have better online etiquette too
  8. Teach less, learn more – AGREE. Creating the space for self learning, exploration and discovery
  9. Make Singapore more child-friendly – I think we also need more friendly children
  10. Build more bike paths – We need more electric bikes
  11. Spam control – More safer spam please.
  12. Jazzing things up – More spotlight on local musicians too!
  13. Curb the taxi trauma – Pay cab fares differently
  14. Use the cane, not the carrot – DISAGREE!
  15. Can the coupons – DISAGREE
  16. More controversial ad campaigns – More intelligent & well designed ads. We just need more design in Singapore
  17. Less brands, more independents – through more entrepreneurs?
  18. More youth-outreach initiatives – AGREE. ASEC + GEC 2012 is coming up for young entrepreneurs
  19. Please treasure our history – With #4 going on, there won’t be much to preserve
  20. Stop complaining, do something – AGREE! Let’s start something now!

Read the full article here

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