IDEO Created TEDx in a Box


> The project: The TEDx in a Box project lasted three weeks and the team was tasked with insuring that all components used in the new prototype were off-the-shelf components. The result is an inconspicuous and durable carry-on suitcase, with all TEDx in a Box components housed securely inside. All contents in the suitcase are color coded and labeled with symbology corresponding to the simple visual instructions in the quickstart guide that the team designed. Along with the quickstart guide, the TEDx in a Box contains an overheard projector, a PA system, DVD player, battery, inverter, two camcorders, a power strip, an SD card, and a tripod.>> Because the TEDx in Box will be used in many areas with limited access to electricity, the electronics in the kit can be operated by AC or DC power (for example, using power supplied by an automobile). The TEDx in a Box prototype also contains a powerful battery so that the kit (and the TEDx events it helps to power) can be taken completely off the electric grid!
What is interesting is their report which shows how the embarked through the entire journey from sensing, ideation and prototyping….


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