The Art Of Brainstorming Workshop Wrapup


What an awesome weekend of innovation, fun and creativity with young and energetic university students. As part of NTU’s business competition, I conducted a workshop focused on brainstorming and the innovation process.


The workshop also showcased a few special guests;

Tim Hamons, Graphic Facilitator and Visual Thinking Speaker
Vanan, Yogi of the Entrepreneur Yoga

Danny Tan, CEO & Founder of Found

Many of the participants had a great exposure to the innovation process which we shared. The premise of our ideas was based on Theory U by Otto Scharmer and Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. 

One participant shared;

Thank you guys for hosting this great event. It was a pleasure to meet everybody that came and was a very rewarding and fun experience!

Check out the full set of photos here. Stay tuned for news of the next workshop or email me your interest.

Update – Jan 12, 2012
NTU’s recount of the the workshop

Update – Jan 14, 2012
Kristabel’s recount of the experience






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