The Finale for the CrunchPad Story?

(Photo via

One of the most unshared tech story in Singapore is how a Singapore company teamed up with tech crunch to build an open tablet called Crunch Pad. I shared this as a case study during my time at A*STAR

After development and near market launch, the Singapore company detached themselves from the tech crunch collaborators. Soon after they launched on their own, EOL (fond of life) the product in a few months, declared the project closed, got more investments in for some unknown product

And now this….

UNCRUNCHED: Fusion Garage Disintegrates: Founder Creating New Company For Lots More Fraud?

BUSINESS INSIDER: Fusion Garage, The Guys Behind The CrunchPad, Are Officially Done And Owe Creditors $40 Million

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This company makes it really hard for us to collaborate in an open innovation environment. The lack of trust mares the excellent work which some of our struggling entrepreneurs are trying to forge. I don’t think we’ll hear much of this story in mainstream media…..

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