Future Work Skills

Its sad to know that the methods, knowledge and skills we picked up in university can become obsolete in a technologically changing world. So what skills are important for us to pick up to allow us to be effective in the future?


LFTF.org reports on several areas of skills which will be necessary to work in the future. Its not about the content, its about learning the processes.

Six Drivers of Change
1. Longevity
2. Smart Machines
3. Computational World
4. New Media
5. Superstructured Organisations
6. Globally Connected World

Ten Future Skills
1. Sense Making
2. Social Intelligence
3. Novel & Adaptive Thinking
4. Cross Culture Competency
5. Computational Thinking
6. New Media Literacy
7. Transdisciplinary
8. Design Mindset
9. Cognitive Load Mangement
10. Virtual Collaboration 

Read their report here

Through my work with Theory U, Learning Organisation & Design Thinking (IDEO-Style), we have seen a great shift in many people who are willing to innovate themselves to be able to innovate for their organizations.

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