Change Through YOU


Last Saturday, about 10 individuals gathered to be challenged to create change through themselves as catalyst.
Tensions and breakdowns of the 20th century illuminated the need to create a new system structure in the 21st century, but how can we do it with only 20th century thinking? This is where innovation through the U process can help. Knowing how to understand the complexities of our current systems and problems, innovating ideas through creative and personal sources, creating quick and applicable social prototypes and refining the solutions are all part of this new skill set for the 21st century leader.


The participants shared many stories throughout their personal experiences and journeys. We were awed at the story of the policeman stationed in Papua, Indonesia who considers his life as a service to the people rather than pigeonholing himself to doing exactly what his job description provides.


We heard stories of how a micro finance scheme by a filipino company is making a difference in the economic life of domestic workers’ families back in their villages or towns. Or the story of a banks journey in transforming itself – dividing between those who seek wealth and those who seek to value themselves and their customers. Or the parent who struggles with raising children who are less self centered and able to have strong values instilled into a strong character. All of these call for leadership through self and in the various sectors of our lives; Public, Private & People.

The change through YOU sessions are part of the Youth of U Process initiative to raise awareness among Singaporeans who are hungry for change in themselves, their organizations, their communities and their nation.


More sessions will be coming soon….


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