The Coming Medical Revolution


I think many articles and opinion leaders have said this, but yet the revolution is still on the way. Forbes discusses the possibilities that Big Pharma companies could learn from the mistakes of the large IT corporations like IBM.

In this article, they discuss several avenue for big pharmas to diversify and contribute, including;

Do pharmaceutical companies see themselves in the drug business or the disease management business? Or, where possible, in the disease prevention business? These are the key questions that will determine whether they will survive and thrive. Many of these diseases lend themselves to the use applications (mobile & web) or biometric devices. This is going to drive a greatly expanded focus on non-traditional partnerships.

What strengths do the pharma companies offer to others for a possible partnership? 
  1. Provider Relationships
  2. Clinical Trials Management
  3. Long Term View

Once pharma companies redefine themselves in the disease management/prevention business, they will recognize that they are way behind the market leaders. While they wait for the future to be defined by others, non-traditional competitors are taking action. Just look at Aetna. They have aggressively bought an array of companies including mobile startups such as iTriage. Pharma may wake up and realize they are late to the party and the most interesting companies already have found their dance partner.

Eventually, the medical revolution will come from the masses. It would be the voice of the masses, a voice which is empowered and concerned over their own health. The revolution would change medical science, medical procedures, protocols and even status.

Are we ready for it?

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