Transformational Entrepreneurship


This essay simply nails the truth and essence behind the philosophy of entrepreneurism. Its not about making money, or increasing some index which we force ourselves to achieve on a national level. Entrepreneurism is about creating death (not only money) and adding value to society. All entrepreneurs should be social by definition instead of classification. Because if they don’t they are just making a quick buck. This is not about CSR or other give-back programs, true entrepreneurs add value to society and create wealth.

Transformational Entrepreneurs earn their name by creating innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems that are scalable, sustainable and systematic. To ground this idea, we created a matrix that positions Transformational Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship on the landscape of socioeconomic value creation.

Read the Short Version here:

Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact

Read the Long Version here:



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