What You Really Need to Succeed?


Intelligence isn’t what one often needs to succeed in the real world. In our modern Singaporean Society, so much emphasis has been placed on it time and time again. What has happened is that we have created a distinct type of personality, something our industrial revolutionist would be proud of in a industrialized world. Sadly, the industrial age is over, what is emerging is something complex and painful. How will people trained in the ways of old be able to cope with it? Hence people with skills in “human engineering” emerges as a need to have skill but hard to have.

Forbes decries some of these skills for financial success but I believe they are needed to be positive and self-actualising leaders.

1) Emotional Intelligence
2) Moral Intelligence
3) Body Intelligence

It doesn’t matter if you did not receive the best academic training from a top university. A person with less education who has fully developed their EQ, MQ, and BQ can be far more successful than a person with an impressive education who falls short in these other categories.

Yes, it is certainly good to be an intelligent, rational thinker and have a high IQ; this is an important asset. But you must realize that it is not enough. Your IQ will help you personally, but EQ, MQ, and BQ will benefit everyone around you as well. If you can master the complexities of these unique and often under-rated forms of intelligence, research tells us you will achieve greater success and be regarded as more professionally competent and capable.

Read the full article here

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