Asian Science Enterprise Challenge 2012 Day 1












What a kick off to the Asian Science Enterprise Challenge. About 60 youths from the local education institutions came to the Science Centre Singapore for a learning journey and challenge. Their learning journey on innovation shed light on the innovation process and how entrepreneurism can be for everyone. To cap off their learning, a challenge was given. 

Today was the first day and we completed the learning journey as well as the issuing of the challenge by Professor Peter Ng, Director of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

We also had Esther Wang of Rabbit Ray share her learning journey and that helped crystallize their own learning journey.

The youths had a great time bonding and gelling together as a team and some crazy ideas were encouraged. Tomorrow will see the teams presenting their idea to the challenge.

The effects of Global Warming has become more apparent in the last few years. Colder winters, longer summers and increasing rainfall are just some of the visible effects. Rising global temperatures and melting ice caps have led to erratic weather patterns and new global environments that humans have to live in and have had no time to adapt to. As this trend continues, it will begin to threaten the way we live and cause humans to reflect at their unsustainable practices. 

Nature has had more time and opportunity to adapt and co-evolve with the changes in the environment. Animals, plants and microbes have taken over thousands and millions of years to evolve and adapt to various physical and social environments. It has developed its own set of systems, processes and means to survive. The new study of “learning from nature” called biomimicry is beginning to unfold new ideas and innovations for humans. 

Your challenge is to use biomimicry to develop sustainable habitats, in your country, for living in the face of global warming. 

Check out more information at the official website

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