Asian Science Enterprise Challenge 2012 Day 2

Things really got pressuring for the participants. I mentored on team, Team monkey for their idea. We worked on developing wild ideas and then guided them through the business summary plan and the presentation. The team had a pretty good idea for the challenge, they wanted to develop a Global Warming Survival Kit called HOGWASH – Humans Organised Global Warming Advanced Survival Habitat.


Their interpretation of the challenge was that global warming will force people to be mobile and a camping like kit will be needed with a mobile habitat in mind. They used biomimicry inspiration to create products like the water bottle which collects water like the Fog Beetle of the desert, the body warming & life preserving wrap like a bat wing. You got to hand it to them for all their ingenuity.


To present their idea, they used a skit to help explain the benefits of their idea. This paid off as the team won the Best Presentation.  Watch it here;



Proud of these kids and hope for the best for each and everyone of them!


Check out more pictures on Facebook



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