Etheo’s Innovation Management Program at NYP


Empowering your organisation through Innovation Management

75% of CEOs claim that their strongest competitive advantage is unique products and services supported by processes that can power them to market yet only 20% have an innovation management system or a clear “journey-plan” of how to find, select and implement new ideas. Less than half admit that they lack clear cut competencies for innovation.(1)

In support of Singapore’s innovation and productivity drive, The Entheo Network, in partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic have created a hands on, practical programme that will accelerate your ability to manage innovation and bridge this gap. Empowering your organisation through Innovation Management will help you to learn how to create new products and services supported by a robust innovation management processes and an innovative corporate culture.

  • Gain knowledge of key innovation concepts and their application into real working life
  • Develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and become an agent for innovation and change
  • Be equipped with the tools, techniques and processes for innovation management
  • Know how to implement sustainable innovation and productivity improvement in your organisations
  • Receive a certificate of attendance jointly conferred by Nanyang Polytechnic and The Entheo Network
  • Successfully pass the first stage of accreditation to be a Six ‘I’s of Innovation™ catalyst

For more information click HERE

Module 1: 
What is innovation and understanding yourself as a manager or leader of innovation

Module 2: 
How innovation ready is your organisation? The role of culture in creating an environment that will support innovation

Module 3: 
How to Identify and spot opportunities for innovation and how to Ignite new ideas

Module 4: 
How to Investigate & validate ideas, what is IP how to protect and manage it? How to Invest in building financially viable innovations

Module 5: 
How to Implement and make an innovation happen. Creating winning teams and running projects, how to streamline policies and processes and make innovation sustainable

Module 6: 
How to Improve and extract further value out of an innovation. Measuring success and continuous improvement

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