Genes, Teens and Greens – Mini Maker Faire Talk

Over the weekend, the Singapore Science Festival had a Mini Maker Faire at the Science Centre Singapore. It was a great opportunity to see all the makers and DIY enthusiast out there at the Marquee. There were a lot of people and a real buzz about the fun and ool projects by our local makers. There were also workshops and presentations throughout the weekend.




I was fortunate to be given some time to share about the DIYBio and Bio-hacker scene. I used the talk to help highlight the importance of having such a culture in Singapore that will see a rise of more biomedical and biotech entrepreneurs. Here’s the highlight of my talk in PDF.




Genes, Greens and Teens!
Erwin Chan (Genewired)
An explosion of creativity and genius is beginning to rumble across the globe with the DIYBio movement or commonly known as BioHacking. From simple simple kitchen experiments to highly sophisticated synthetic biology, there are many chance to make your own experiments and creations. We’ll share what’s happening around the world and even in Singapore.






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