America Revealed – Insights into Systems

I recently came across this PBS series – America Revealed while reading about a blog post about the cool infographics it showcased. As I watched the four episodes of the series, it became clear that the information revealed the systems behind the food, power and movement of people in America. This was the focus of the first 3 episodes. What it gives are insights to all the human activities and processes we have developed to make our world work. In almost every episode, I hear the words of the presenter saying how these systems are barely coping with the demands and his final question of how might we create more sustainable systems. 

This draws one into understanding the complex systems and inherent problems that arise. How might we create more sustainable systems – I don’t think it is with the same thinking processes that created them. Hence, Theory U is very applicable to this situation. It connects us between ourselves, the world and the various stakeholders in it. It brings a solution from the personal self rather than the system. It seeks to transform.

The last episode highlights some of the more innovative and futuristic ways which America is moving ahead. It lets us see a possibility that humans are still seeking to create great hardware to help humanity. We should now work on the software….

**PBS shows are great cause they provide teaching resources to follow through… Nice!



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