Singapore IDEO Challenge

Mentioned by Teddy Zmhral during the NTU “Starting Up” Conference, this is the OpenIDEO Challenge for Singapore which the entire OpenIDEO community can participate and work on.

How might we inspire and enable communities to take more initiative in making their local environments better?


Singapore started out as a small fishing village but, rather quickly, turned into a sprawling, highly-developed metropolis. While this development has led to incredible forward progress, many of the challenges currently faced by global societies – population growth, aging and others – are also felt in Singapore.
Also importantly, as in other countries, a new social contract is being forged in Singapore: one where the power to influence our world is increasingly within reach, enabled by tools and technology, social networks and our ability to connect people to ideas and resources. A culture where there is less ‘me’ and more ‘we’. 

Together with Singapore’s National Environment Agency, we’re asking our global community to envision how to inspire and enable everyone to make our living environments better. How might we better collectively solve problems facing our neighbourhoods? How might we help passive citizens become active contributors? What does community ownership look like in 2012 and beyond?

Our Challenge is now live, so head over to the Brief and watch our challenge video to learn more. Then, join our collaborative explorations in the Inspiration phase: share stories, add your insights, and chime in on community conversations. And don’t forget to share this challenge with your friends – let’s design better, together!

The OpenIDEO Team


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