Rubik’s Cubism Redux


> Rubik’s cube is the world’s top-selling puzzle game. This talk will look at some of the mathematics, art and western culture surrounding Rubik’ s Cube. The talk will highlight how the cube can be used to develop group theory, problem-solving and some elementary proof as well as some of the engineering behind this and other twisty puzzles. There will also be an opportunity for to make some art and discover mathematics with cubes.
>> Dr James Blowey is the Deputy Head of the Faculty Science at Durham University (third oldest University in England). He has worked at Durham for nearly 20 years as a professional Mathematician publishing over thirty research papers, editing four books, and supervising seven Ph.D. students while teaching thousands of undergraduates for which he was awarded a University Excellence in Teaching Award. He is also actively engaged in many outreach activities which include: running activities for students at many schools; contributing to the UK Royal Institution Masterclasses programme for talented young mathematicians; being one of four London Mathematics Society Holgate lecturers; Chairing the Durham University Science Outreach Committee. His current role at the University now encompasses running the Natural Sciences programme at the University, which is the largest degree programme in Science.


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