20 Tech Trends That Will Define 2013 says Frog Design


Design consultancy, Frog Design highlights tech trends that will help shape 2013. With the recent CES 2013 just over, we are looking at the appearance of some of these trends already.

Here's the bucket list;
  1. Smarter smartphone accessories
  2. New Patina
  3. Losing controls of our cars
  4. Human-Computer Interface
  5. The Invisible App
  6. Nature disruption
  7. Diverse Data
  8. Physical Intimacy with Smart Phones
  9. Face Data
  10. Digital Dopplegangers
  11. Tablet Saturation
  12. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
  13. The Experience Economy
  14. 3D Printing
  15. Virtual Manufacturing
  16. Robo-Art
  17. Shopping Gestures
  18. More Art in the Art of Innovation
  19. Biosensors
  20. Micro-Networks


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