10 Great Healthcare Design Innovations

From SmartPlanet’s review of the Mayo Clinic TRANSFORM Conference.


Our favorite 10 quotes from the show (edited by us for clarity):

  1. Women are at a disadvantage with cell phones; vibrate mode & purse storage are incompatible. We must design for real humans. — Steelcase CEO Jim Hackett (via Laura Martini)
  1. We don’t have enough land in the United States to grow five servings of fruits and vegetables for all. — Dondeena Bradley, Vice President, Global Design and Development, Nutrition Ventures, Pepsi (via Beth Comstock)

  1. The two words that kill innovation: “Prove it.” We don’t need to be massively scientific all the time.  – Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (via Ben King)

  1. Healthcare is a business issue, NOT a benefits issue. — Paul Grundy, global director, IBM Healthcare Transformation (via Core77)

  1. The future of health is not curing the sick, it is in creating little miracles of wellness in our everyday lives. — Journalist John Hockenberry (via Susannah Fox)

  1. We all, in some way, are designers. — graphic designer Bill Drenttel (via Shawna O’Reilly)

  1. Small investments in time and money can make big changes in outcomes. — graphic designer Bill Drenttel (via Randy Schwarz)

  1. It’s not about the trauma. It’s about what happens next. — Journalist John Hockenberry (via Albert Shar)

  1. The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed. — Doblin CEO Larry Keely (via David Goldsmith)

  1. Fear of perishing is the No. 1 reason purchases of fruits and vegetables aren’t where they should be. (via Mayo Clinic)

Read the full story here

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