Future of Wearables

A good insight to the future of wearable from Fast Co Design;


Service design specialists at Fjord recently had a “kitchen” panel and brainstorming event, and we can learn a lot from the melting pot prognostications of developers, designers, and analysts. Feel free to watch the short clip above. Here are the highlights we distilled from the conversations, or the seven reasons why wearables are poised to disrupt our lives:

  1. The smartphone’s novelty has worn off, and people want new toys.
  2. Now that digital has impacted our lifestyle (we already share our lives on Facebook), digital can become a lifestyle product (we’ll let the tech seep deeper into our personal lives).
  3. These devices can appeal to techies, by looking like tech, or everyday people, by looking like fashion.
  4. Sensor-based appcessories are unlocking data that we’ve never had before on the human body and the way we live.
  5. By blending so well into our lives (and our bodies), wearables can paradoxically reduce the time we spend on our cell phones, which everybody wants.
  6. A wearable’s immediate feedback can guide us to choices that make us feel better, immediately.
  7. But all this data will merge atoms and bits in ways we can’t predict.

Read the full article here

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