Why Do People Still Reject Science?

(via Fast Company Co.Design)

You might assume that science and the acceptance of science would advance together, in lockstep. That as our understanding of our bodies, and our planet, and our universe became more complete, it would be harder for skeptics to refute that increasingly detailed picture of the way things work. Looking around today, that’s clearly not the case.

In some instances, it’s hard to sort out whether the disbelief is genuine or cultivated for other reasons. Do oil executives really not think climate change is real? Or is their denial a pose–another business strategy to maximize profits for as long as possible? We can’t be sure. In many other cases, though, the reality is painfully clear: Some people just don’t trust science. But why?

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Another interesting view if the world is ruled and run by science was presented by the South Park Episodes – Go God Go & Go God Go XII (Watch it on South Park Website). It shows that even with the ultimate knowledge of science, there are still factions among the believers. And it all boils down to the interpretation of the science. Something which scientist can still argue about….


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