TEDMED 2013 Opening Talk – John Maeda

Had the opportunity to view the TEDMED 2013 talk via a recorded stream. Even a delayed telecast and being miles away, you can feel the buzz and energy from all these great multi-disciplinary innovators.

So far, I was only able to catch John Maeda’s sharing. As the President of Rhode Island School of Design, he shared his diverse background and then his idea on how design can help healthcare innovations. What struck me was his description of leaders;

“Leadership – not only about going up the mountain, but also jumping off. To be reborn and re-learn”

We often think of leadership as leading people up the mountain. That is a task based, management idea. However, leaders need to jump into the unknown, to figuratively jump off the mountain and re-learn. Leaders take the risk again to lead up another team over the mountain. Leaders who don’t take the jump tend to become “king of the hills” and start to be almost “god-like” in their leadership mentality and approach. And we all know how that turns out in so many situations.

I also like his analogy of the 4 kinds of “Doctors” we have now;

  • Dr. Blue – data analytics
  • Dr Troll – social media
  • Dr App – smartphone apps
  • Dr Underpaid – healthcare costs

Hope to catch more sharings as they become more public.


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