Let’s Play at ASEC 2013

What a wonderful opportunity to work together with the support of Singapore Science Centre for the Asian Science Enterprise Challenge 2013.

This year, we had over 50 students from various schools in Singapore; ITE College (East & Central), Temasek Poly (Alma Mater!), Hwa Chong International School, Victoria JC, Nanyang Poly, ACS International and Ngee Ann Poly. We mixed up these students to create diverse teams of skills, knowledge and backgrounds.

These youths were walked through an innovation process based on Theory U; a framework to develop innovations from the future. We also shared with them entrepreneurial and leadership lessons to encourage them to develop their full potential and rise up to the occasion by believing in themselves and others.

The innovations and ideas to tackle transportation issues in a city were delightfully unique. The judges – Dr Alice Choo, William Hooi & Chua Jiawen.

We also had great mentors – ASEC Alumni folks who came back to help impart their own learnings and experiences – Minh, Vinod & Lyon.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped out in every way!

Read more of the event here – http://singapore.asechallenge.com

Visit the Facebook page too!

Keep a look out for the next ASEC event in the region or next year!

We are now hoping to grow ASEC bigger and stronger. If you would like to contribute or be a part of this initiative to impact youths on science & entrepreneurship, drop me a mail!


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